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We are an award-winning signage company that has been providing quality signage, signwriting and customer service in Christchurch for over 35 years and we have the track record, skills, and know how to assist you, no matter what your sign project requirements.

At Riccarton Signs, we offer you a total sign project service from your initial consultation right through to sign installation and maintenance checks.

The team at Riccarton Signs are industry leaders and provide you with cutting-edge sign design and signage advice, top quality manufacturing standards, expert sign installation and a personal and professional on-going customer care.

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Vehicle signage

What we do

Whether it’s a full wrap or just the basic’s weve got you covered.It’s our industry trained knowledge that sets us apart from some of the others in the industry! Sure we are a little biased but we know what we know and we’ve learned our craft well and get great pride in seeing our customers vehicles driving around. Locally and nationwide we can have your fleet or one off vehicle looking the BUSINESS.


Vehicle wraps & busting the myths

Forget what the vinyl manufacturers tell you that wrapping your vehicle is as good as paint and possibly better. They are in the business of moving media so they can be a little blinkered. Now that seems like we are against wrapping vehicles but we are just being realistic about one of the services we provide. A great wrap can add value and profile to your business that’s true but cost has to be factored into it. As a rule of thumb allow a budget $3000.00 – $5000.00 plus GST for a full vehicle wrap. Anything less than that should start to have the alarm bells ringing. These days with the global presence we / you can purchase cheap media at a lower cost of the local price and an unknown brand or a knockoff imitation. That’s the devil in the detail as it wont be guaranteed and will have no application warranty. Sure that seems like we are trying to protect our margins and business but it’s a fact as we are often presented with vehicles that signage has failed. The old adage you get what you pay for rings true. The cheaper the product the higher the risk of failure. All of the main suppliers have wrap media but each one has it’s positives and negatives. As a professional sign company we determine what the best media is for the customer.


Pre signage vehicle check

All reputable sign companies should carry out a pre signage check on the vehicle to be signwritten. We make sure that the paint work and panels are up to scratch before the project starts. Too often we see failures where the underlying surface has rust or oxidised paint causing the film to lift and peel. Vehicle signage is an investment that you want to see generating a return not a trip back to the signshop that didn’t carry out the basics.


Design re functionality

Don’t be upset if you’re a graphic designer it’s just an observation.  Matching a design to an actual application is not something that’s easily understood. We often get presented with some really good designs but from an application point of view they are unable to be matched as the design hasn’t allowed for things such as door handles, curves, logos etc. Our designers have the hands on application experience that enables the design to match to visual.