Fruzo was developed for the health conscious as an alternative to the high sugar, undesirable high food colouring offerings that people have traditionally come to expect from slushy or ice drinks. Fruzo is not high sugar syrup, it is made with New Zealand fruit juice and was specifically developed for the Australian and New Zealand School market and meets the Government set criteria in terms of sugar and fat content.

Fruzo exceeds the Fuel 4 Life criteria specified by the Food and Beverage Classification System and is registered as such. Fruzo has less than 180kj of energy per 100ml and 0 grams of fat. We are continually seeking to improve Fruzo in terms of its healthy properties and are delighted to advise that we now have available a 100% Natural Colour fruit juice slushy range called Fruzo Natural.

Fruzo slushies contain neither caffeine, guarana nor any other “not so social” ingredients and delivers excellent profits to the retailer.

Fruzo was developed to be the fun, healthy option for children and adults alike.